Pool Rules and Guidelines


Club Rules and Regulations

Pool Hours of Operation

6:00 – 8:00AM Lap Swim (Release Form Required)

9:30 AM – 8:30 PM seven days a week

Pool Rules

  • You MUST bring your Key Fob or Card for admission to the pool.
  • There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty.  Everyone swims at his or her own risk
  • Proper bathing attire is required, no jeans, cut-offs, shorts, Speedos or thongs.
  • SWIM DIAPERS ARE REQUIRED OF CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT POTTY TRAINED!!  Accidents happen!  We must close the pool when they do.
  • At the first sound of thunder or lightning everyone is to immediately get out of the pool and away from the water.
  • No running, pushing, wrestling or obscene language will be permitted in the pool area.
  • Parents are expected to assume full responsibility for children brought into the pool area.
  • No children under the age of 14 are permitted at the pool without a parent or guardian.
  • Swimming flotation devices are permitted in the pool only with the permission of the Pool Manager.  (no large rafts or floats)
  • Special scheduled events can, from time to time have precedence over regular pool use.
  • All accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to the Pool Manager.

Guest Fees

  • Guests fees (per person) for pool AND tennis courts are $4 Mon-Friday $6-weekends/holidays children 3 and under -no charge. Any guest must be accompanied by a pool member.
  • Your membership includes 5 free guest passes that you may use throughout the summer. You MUST inform the attendant on duty/office that you would like to use a pass so that you do not get charged. Passes only redeemable by the member, 1 pass per 1 person.
  • Any leftover passes will not be applied to the following summer.
  • Members are restricted to four pool guests on any single visit unless prior approval is obtained from the club
  • Guests are limited to one visit every 10 days, and no more than 6 times total.
  • All members are required to check in at the desk upon entering the pool area and register any guests, including name and address information.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a member. 
  • Outside entities with which members are associated such as clubs, teams, schools, churches, summer camps, companies etc. may not use the pool in any capacity.
  • Guest fees for tennis courts are $4 per person with a limit of 3 guests per visit.  Guests are only permitted to use the courts at the invitation of a member.  The guests must be accompanied by the member.  Guests are limited to 6 visits per calendar year.


Food and Drink

  • You are permitted to bring food and drinks into the pool area. Please clean up your area before you leave.
  • The grills are available for your use at the designated grill station area, please see an attendant.
  • NO ALCOHOL from home may be brought into the pool area.  ABC rules prohibit this.  Beer and wine are available for purchase in the club ONLY.  ALL COOLERS are subject to examination for glass and alcohol.
  • Snacks, soft drinks and ice cream are available for purchase
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND CAN BE BROUGHT INTO THE POOL AREA.  Broken glass requires the entire pool to be closed and drained.   Sometimes condiments are in glass containers. Please transfer these to plastic.
  •  Pool attendants will inspect all coolers upon entry.

Fitness Center

  • The fitness Center is open 24/7
  • Members ONLY are permitted in the fitness center.  No Guests without  prior management approval
  • Children 16 years of age and older are allowed unaccompanied.
  • Children 13-15 years of age need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Children under the age of 13 years old will not be permitted in the fitness rooms due to insurance regulations.
  • Proper gym attire is required at all times.  Must wear shirts, shoes, etc.
  • Members are not allowed to bring their own personal trainers, massage therapists or other instructors to the facility.
  • Cell phone calls should be taken outside
  • Listening to your own music through personal head phone use permitted but no yelling, singing, or playing of music through devices, i.e. boom boxes, radios, etc. allowed. 


Tennis Courts


  • Court reservation may be required.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a member and are required to register at the front desk, guest fees will be charged.
  • Special events can, from time to time, have precedence over regular court use.
  • Proper tennis attire is required at all times.  Shirts & tennis shoes must be worn at all times.


This is a NON-SMOKING Facility! (e-cigs included)